A Greeting on the Green...

"Happy Birthday" currently available in:

  • Hot pink
  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • Zebra print
  • Blue/green chevron
  • Black

(as illustrated above in the pictures of the letter H).  

Full Alphabet letters are available in black, red and pink.

All other slogans, and numbers are in black.

Balloons, exclamation point and stars come in

assorted colors that we will coordinate with your


Simply choose the color of  your, "Happy Birthday", or phrase. 

Give us the name (who it's for), age, and choice of

specialty sign (s).  We will design your yard greeting and take

care of the rest.  See you in your yard soon!


Yard Signs

​​​​​​Designing your Greeting is easy and fun.  Make it spectacular with the many cute sayings that we have for all occasions!  Just call 919.998.9474 and we will help you choose the best greeting for your big celebration!